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Digital Ecosystems

IoT needs new digital environments

If you want to build a secure future for your IT that allows you to optimally meet IoT requirements, become part of our digital ecosystem. It works according to the same principle as a natural ecosystem. People connect, share information and services, make the most effective use of resources, and collectively achieve better results. It’s like a digital “marketplace”. Our ecosystem is based on secureexchange®, the shared digital platform that we make available to our data center customers. It enables users to share know-how, services and data in a secure environment – and build an extensive digital ecosystem to make the smart future happen.

What do companies think of ecosystems?

80% participate in it or build up it *
29% have more than 20 partners in the eco-system *
59% want to use it to develop joint solutions
49% want to expand their business model with it

(*Crisp Study 2019)

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