maincubes at the Heuer Technical Dialogue: Invest in Data Centers

February 7, 2019 | Frankfurt am Main, Germany, Adina Apartment Hotel Neue Oper 

They are not only vital for the digital industry, data centers are also of increasing interest to investors as an investment object. To provide investors with the necessary knowledge about this asset class, Heuer Dialog, a network and event organizer for the German real estate sector, is hosting the Fach-Dialog: Datencenter (Technical Dialogue: Data Centers) event on February 7, 2019, in Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

Exciting keynotes, panel discussions and use cases offer investors the opportunity to get to know the world of data centers. As a data center operator and digitalization expert, maincubes will be there as a partner and presenter as well. For example, in his keynote “Data centers are real estate too: What makes them special?”, maincubes CEO Oliver Menzel will be talking about the importance of technical building equipment for data centers.

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