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Interconnectivity: Secure digital connection between systems

Develop your own hybrid solutions with maincubes.

Where is the best place to house your IT so that you are optimally equipped to meet the challenges associated with interconnectivity and digitalization? The emerging trend is hybrid cloud: a combination of colocation and the public cloud. maincubes now offers customers at all maincubes data centers direct connects to public cloud providers, internet exchanges and diverse Ethernet port-to-port services as well as other data centers, internet broadband services and security services such as DDos via the secureexchange® platform.

maincubes provides a self-service portal for access to and management of all secureexchange® services. It allows you to simply and conveniently define the required bandwidths, service terms and other parameters yourself on a one-stop-shop basis.

A major advantage for you is that you can offer and manage your own services via community ports. Interconnectivity also improves the flexibility and profitability of your business processes.


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Our environment is ideal for connectivity with public cloud providers, internet exchanges and other data centers, allowing you to develop your own hybrid solutions that make your company more successful.


Multi-cloud connect

Direct connect to all important public cloud providers. Profit from flexible terms and immediate availability, plus 24/7/365 technical support.


Peering connect

Peering – the exchange of IP traffic between two internet networks – is one of the most effective ways of lowering latency and reducing costs. We facilitate access to international internet exchanges.

DC Connect

Datacenter Interconnect

Datacenter interconnect technology connects two or more data centers at any geographical location. Our platform offers you many different interconnect options.


IP connectivity

We make sure that your IT is securely connected to the internet. Cyber threats such as DDoS attacks (Distri-buted Denial of Service) put enterprises at risk of revenue, reputation and productivity losses. We offer you comprehensive DDoS protection. You’re just one cross-connect away from it.


Carriers at maincubes

maincubes is an entirely carrier-neutral data center operator. So you decide which carrier’s fiber network you want to use for the global transmission of data in your digital future.



Our customers and partners provide a comprehensive range of services. Become part of this ecosystem and expand your own business models.

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