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P.U.L.S Project – Lessons Via Live Conference For Pupils With Cancer

P.U.L.S Project – Lessons via live conference for pupils with cancer

Students suffering from cancer are generally unable to attend school for a longer period of time even after completion of treatment. To ensure that they continue to feel part of the community, the association “Hilfe für krebskranke Kinder Frankfurt e.V.” has developed the P.U.L.S. project.

The pupils can actively participate in the lessons from home via live transmission. The system consists of a “suitcase” which is placed in the classroom. It contains all necessary components such as monitor, camera, loudspeaker, PC and the necessary control elements. The pan/tilt and zoom camera can be controlled by the student at home or by the teacher. The sound is transmitted via two room microphones and a collar microphone (for the teacher).

The second part of the system is at the patient’s home or clinic. A simple laptop with the necessary software and optional webcam as well as a headset are sufficient for the conference call. Once the two components have been installed and configured, the system is ready for use and easy to operate in just a few simple steps. The Internet connection is established via DSL or UMTS.

The P.U.L.S. project has been seen as positive in the past.

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