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Get quick and easy results with the Quick-Checks from maincubes

Take a few minutes and let us give you an initial assessment with our quick checks. Just answer the questions below to check your data center, business model or the status of your digitization. You will receive your answer immediately afterwards.

Datacenter Check

What counts in the data center of the future – how prepared are you?

Many factors and solutions can make your IT environment at a colocation data center more sustainable and future proof. Our Quick Check is a useful tool for an initial assessment.

Nachhaltigkeit Quick Check

How sustainable is your company? Do the sustainability check!

Together, we find out how sustainable your company is and which steps you can still take. Our Quick Check provides an initial assessment of your current status.

Server Frau Skala

Measure your digitalization level

We can develop an IoT strategy with you that is tailored to your needs. Our quick check indicates the progress you have already made in the digitalization of your company, and makes initial recommendations for your next steps on the way to the Internet of Things.

OCP Check

Is open source hardware something I should be looking at? Do the OCP Check!

Overall, your data center infrastructure is performing … well … okay. But, in your opinion, there’s (a lot of) room for improvement. Simply answer the following five questions and the answer will be displayed to you automatically.

security automation

Assess your status with the Security Automation Check. Do the Check!

We can help you to develop an IT security strategy that is tailored to your needs. Our Quick Check shows you whether you are ready for security automation and provides initial recommendations on the next steps to maximizing your IT security.

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