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maincubes location strategy pays off, including in the case of Brexit

The datacenter operator maincubes enjoys an advantage with both of its current datacenter locations in Frankfurt am Main (Germany) and Schiphol near Amsterdam (Netherlands). Following the Brexit vote, the first companies and investors are already beginning to take a more critical view of the previously popular European hub of the UK and are either looking to bide their time or relocate their investments and IT to a suitable location on the European mainland.

International datacenter operators are also critical of Britain’s possible exit from the EU. Business and IT experts are already talking of delaying new or planned datacenters or even relocating them to another European location (ComputerWeekly Investors believe Brexit would mean greater risk in terms of free data transfer between the EU and the UK. Market experts predicted precisely this sort of reaction directly after the vote and now their estimations have been confirmed.

The real estate project development and investment company Art-Invest is one of the big investors in the datacenter world, and finances the maincubes datacenters amongst others. The strategy of building maincubes one, a cutting-edge datacenter in Frankfurt am Main, and the investments in the newly purchased datacenter in Schiphol near Amsterdam are proving to be the right strategy in the case of Brexit. Previously the UK was a very attractive location for American or Asian firms looking to establish a European headquarters from which to manage customers and other bases spread throughout Europe and to provide IT services. This increased demand for datacenter space from companies that typically base their European headquarters in the UK represents a specific reaction to the Brexit vote that is now affecting maincubes too.

“The strategy of developing our locations on the European mainland first and foremost has proven to be the right one. Of course we couldn’t predict the Brexit vote either, but we defined various strategic business hubs in Europe for the development of our datacenters rather than establishing a central point in London for example, as many others have done. This is now paying off and we are already receiving enquiries from companies which, just a few months ago, were less interested in establishing their IT on the European mainland. After all, why would a company want to set up its headquarters and its IT for Europe outside of the EU?” commented Gunter Papenberg, Strategy & Marketing Director maincubes, describing the situation in a nutshell.

maincubes one: top-class data center Apart from leasing data center space, maincubes also offers services which go far beyond the traditional services of a co-location data center operator. Among other things, maincubes’ premium services include very fast reaction times, individual contract bundles as well as technical services, such as DCIM, which combine technical components of the data center operation with the IT of the customers in order to achieve optimized resource utilization.

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