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maincubes modernises its Data center in Amsterdam/Schiphol (NL)

Data center operator maincubes is to modernise the Data center it acquired at Schiphol (Amsterdam airport) in April of 2016 at a cost in the double-digit millions, bringing it up to date with the latest technology and expanding the usable Data center space at the same time. The location, which currently offers around 1,000 square metres of Data center space, boasts huge potential for expansion for additional customers. At full capacity, the Data center can offer more than 4,500 square metres. In addition to this, maincubes is to plan and install an entire new cooling system. The aim is to achieve above-average PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) and EUE values for both existing and new customers and thus to drastically reduce energy costs for cooling. At the same time the power density per square metre is set to increase from 1.6 to 1.8 kW. This gives customers the opportunity to efficiently install considerably more IT per square metre. The conversion measures will be carried out in cooperation with the existing service personnel and with technology partners.

“The environment of Schiphol airport is a highly coveted location for Data centers. Our expansion strategy is entirely clear: together with London and Frankfurt, Amsterdam is the most important Data center location in Europe. Hence we will modernise the Data center and provide additional space as quickly as possible. Talks have already concluded with a large-scale tenant (NASDAQ 50 company) concerning rental of around 2,100 square metres and a 3.5-4.0 MW IT load with a term of 15 years. This shows very clearly that by taking over this Data center we have taken the right step in our European and global expansion strategy,” comments Oliver Menzel, the new Managing Director of maincubes B.V.

maincubes Premium ServicesAlongside the rental of Data center space, maincubes offers services that go well beyond the classic offerings of co-location Data center operators. The maincubes Premium Services comprise, amongst other things, a very rapid reaction time, individual contract bundles and technical services such as DCIM, which combines technical components of the Data center operation and the customer’s IT for better resource utilisation.

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