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maincubes presents Data Center Security at telecom convention Magenta Security 2017

International data center operator maincubes will be presenting its Datacenter Security offerings at the telecom convention Magenta Security, being held June 20 -21 in Munich. As a silver sponsor, at its stand maincubes will be presenting on the latest requirements and opportunities for enhancing data center integrity and security. Among the main issues to be addressed by the data center operator are co-location, physical security and legal security.

Data center supports IT security Businesses that outsource their IT to external data centers have to have classic IT security expertise and apply the highest quality standards in choosing a data center operator. Who the operator is in terms of ownership or shareholder structure is a major consideration, as well as where the company is domiciled. These questions are of primary importance in many industries. A sophisticated facility entry control regime is essential through state-of-the-art technology limiting the circle of those able to physical access IT systems, and location factors and technical equipment are also highly important for achieving security. For example, it must be ruled out that a cyber attack on the public power supply results in a failure causing substantial harm to the firm. Emergency backup systems are thus a key defense for rendering cyber attacks as ineffective. maincubes premium services provide maximum security, guaranteeing continuous data center operation.

Redundant locations at different sites are another key element in the fight against cybercrime, in line with the latest amendments to the new EU Data Protection Regulation. The data centers at maincubes’ current Rhine/Main and Amsterdam locations ensure maximum business continuity combined with legal protection with regard to European Union data storage laws. Businesses benefit from such possibilities as being able to mirror their data across locations using one single reliable German data center provider with the technology to ensure that an uncorrupted body of data is still left even after a ransomware attack, for example. All maincubes locations are undergoing ISO 27001 certification to ensure our customers of receiving a dependable data security management system that is certified from end to end. ISO 27001 provides for a systematic approach that protects confidential data, ensures the integrity of operational data and increases IT system availability. One central aspect of ISO 27001 is the risk analysis that is used to recognize risks in the first step, evaluate them in the second step, and minimize them in an additional step.

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