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maincubes continues growth

maincubes is further growing its maincubes one team in the Rhine-Main area. The company’s new Tier III data center will be completed in 2017. The interior fitting of the second stage construction work will start in January 2017. In order to profit from a better planning perspective in the high-end data center market, customers can now profit from more space and infrastructure in maincubes new Rhein-Main location. The areas in other locations, such as Amsterdam, have already been available for some time now.

In order to meet the increasing market demand, maincubes has increased its team by seven new employees during the past months. The company’s new sales and technology team will support national, European and international customers with all relevant decision-making processes. On top of the new technological innovations, maincubes continues its offer of exclusive premium services, which significantly exceed the classic performance of co-location data center operators. The company’s premium services also include a very fast response time, individual contract bundles for partners and technical services such as DCIM.

In addition to the expansion of the team and in order to meet the market growth of the data center operator, maincubes has extended office capacities and moved into new premises in the modern Bockenheimer facility in Frankfurt am Main.

maincubes one: top-class data center Apart from leasing data center space, maincubes also offers services which go far beyond the traditional services of a co-location data center operator. Among other things, maincubes’ premium services include very fast reaction times, individual contract bundles as well as technical services, such as DCIM, which combine technical components of the data center operation with the IT of the customers in order to achieve optimized resource utilization.

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