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Whitepaper maincubes Data Sovereignty

Solving the Data Sovereignty Conundrum

A primer on data exchange and storage in europe

Whitepaper maincubes Sustainability in the Data center

Data center Sustainability

Data centers on the way to NET-ZERO carbon emissions.

Whitepaper maincubes Sustainability and green light for digitalization

Giving Digitalization the green light

A roadmap for more sustainable IT deployment and infrastructure

Whitepaper OCP maincubes Open compute Project

maincubes and the Open Compute Project

Open Source Hardware in the data center

Check list OCP maincubes Open compute Project

Check list OCP

OCP: Using open-source hardware in 6 steps

Whitepaper maincubes Choosing Colocation Partner

Choosing a Colocation partner

Guide to decision making

Whitepaper maincubes 10 Steps IT Migration Datacenter

Migration of IT infrastructure – the 10 most important steps

Successfully into the colocation data center

Whitepaper maincubes Security in the Data center

The Data center of the future: success factors of security

A secure home for servers and racks

Whitepaper maincubes Network Latency

Network Latency

Network latency is more than just latency rates


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Headquarter Frankfurt/Germany

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