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Sustainability: maincubes operates sustainable data centers

How maincubes conserves resources as a sustainable company

We are a sustainable company that is committed to the conservation of natural resources for future generations. This commitment is reflected in our architecture designs, and the use of ultra-modern and energy-conserving cooling systems (open air cooling, see on the right), certified green electricity and optimum power efficiency at our facilities. Resource conservation and sustainable management are everyday realities at maincubes. We’re providing secure housing for your data and contributing to a secure future for our planet.

The ÖkoPlus certificate confirms that maincubes is a climate-neutral company. All of the carbon emissions resulting from maincubes’ business processes are offset by the purchase of credits from climate protection projects. maincubes supports a hydropower project in India.

maincubes sustainability whitepaper

Data center sustainability

Every business decision should be founded on the principle of SUSTANABILITY: from the initial ideas on data center design, to our choice of built-in technology, our collaborations with partners and the introduction of new and innovative concepts.

Reducing the toxic carbon emissions that are driving climate change has to be our number one priority.We firmly believe that the economy’s medium to long-term future health depends on whether enterprises and industries are willing to proactively embrace the challenge of reducing their ecological footprints.

Read our white paper to learn more about how data center operators can make a significant contribution to sustainability.

maincubes data centers:
  • sustainability
  • availability
  • performance

Commit to the sustainable use of energy and optimum performance with us. Our data center customers not only contribute to resource conservation, they also enjoy comprehensive services, intelligent network design and professional management as solid foundations for effective collaboration.

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