Eurofiber, a fast-growing international provider of fiber-optic network services, has significantly upgraded its Point-of-Presence (PoP) in the maincubes AMS01 colocation data center in Amsterdam Schiphol-Rijk, The Netherlands. The Eurofiber presence at the maincubes AMS01 data center has now been extended by a DWDM PoP, adding to maincubes’ already fiber-dense connectivity and extensive bandwidth options available in its Amsterdam facility.

As an expanding European data center provider with large-scale carrier-neutral colocation facilities located in Frankfurt, Germany and Amsterdam Schiphol-Rijk, the Netherlands, maincubes offers connectivity options in Amsterdam that include CenturyLink (formerly Level3), Cogent, BT, AFIBER, Colt, NL-ix, euNetworks, Fiberring, Tele2, GTT, KPN and Eurofiber amongst others. The major upgrade to Eurofiber’s PoP in maincubes AMS01 provides colocation customers in this Amsterdam-Schiphol-Rijk data center with significantly enhanced bandwidth and DWDM-powered redundancy options and greatly improved access to an extensive fiber optic cable network in the Benelux with more than 31,000 kilometers in length and more than 1,000Tb/s of network capacity.

“We’re a German-engineered colocation provider with a German CTO meaning we highly value redundancy in our data center infrastructures,” said Joris te Lintelo, director at maincubes. “This way we’re able to offer our colocation clients SLA-backed 100% uptime guarantees, something rarely seen in the data center industry today. High-redundancy truly matches enterprise requirements and the enterprise-grade wholesale datacenter suites of 1.7MW and 1.3MW respectively that we have available in our Amsterdam facility. The same accounts for our network infrastructure. Eurofiber has chosen maincubes AMS01 as an important facility in the Amsterdam area for their network upgrade. We truly appreciate the DWDM-powered redundancy and expanded bandwidth options they bring to maincubes’ enterprise clients and our expanding European data center platform.”

DWDM Network
Eurofiber’s Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing (DWDM) network is designed on fully redundant fiber paths offering  optical redundancy for clients in the maincubes Amsterdam AMS01 data center. It can be used for all data communication protocols, such as Ethernet, Fiber Channel, SDH and uncompressed video. Each service has its own light-path, which would make WDM highly secure. The combination of WDM technology and fiber optics enables speeds of up to 1.6 Tb/s, according to Eurofiber, giving organizations sufficient data transport capacity for the most demanding applications.

In its Frankfurt FRA01 data center, maincubes also aims at offering high-redundancy network options. Here, maincubes provides connectivity options that include BT, CenturyLink, Colt, DTAG, Entega Medianet,euNetworks, Gasline, Versatel, Verizon, and Vodafone.

Car-Manufacturer Daimler
The announcement follows the news that car-manufacturer Daimler has selected maincubes’ colocation data center infrastructure to co-locate its new car-connectivity platforms. Daimler is currently transforming itself from a traditional automaker into a provider of mobility services. The car-manufacturer is also shaping ‘intuitive mobility’ with ‘comfortable, user-friendly’ products and services that would simplify their customers’ lives and mobility.

The Mercedes E- and S-Class for example are now the centerpiece of IoT (Internet of Things) and equipped for vehicle-to-infrastructure communication, according to a recent corporate blog article by Jörg Sommer – Director Data Center and Digital Workplace at Daimler AG. Is a crossing blocked? Is the visibility poor? This data is forwarded by Daimler’s technology via highly secured data networks to Mercedes-Benz servers which are now located in maincubes’ data center infrastructure. The servers can actually be seen as traffic control centers – with the Daimler vehicle fleet as the most important source of information.

“Enterprise clients like this require an ultimate network-redundancy for their business and use-cases,” said Jeanine van der Vlist, CCO of Eurofiber. “The architecture of our fiber-optic network across the Benelux uniquely provides for high-redundancy use-cases like this. We’re excited to provide this major upgrade to this Eurofiber PoP in maincubes’ AMS01 data center in Amsterdam and we’re looking forward to further strengthening our partnership with maincubes.”

About Eurofiber
Eurofiber has been a provider of industry-leading digital infrastructure since 2000. Relying on its own fiberoptic network and datacenters, the company provides smart, future-proof solutions for companies, government bodies and non-profit organizations. Customers have complete freedom to choose the services, applications and providers they need, allowing them to tap into the full potential of digital innovation. Eurofiber has an extensive fiberoptic network in the Netherlands and Belgium, covering 31,000 km. Supplementing that vital infrastructure, it also offers fully flexible interconnectivity between over 50 datacenters in the Netherlands.


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Headquarter Frankfurt/Germany

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